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Chronic Pain Therapy

Whether it is acute or chronic, pain can derail life in a variety of ways. A team approach to treatment, including your physician, your physical therapist and myself with experience in chronic pain therapy can help you get back on track.



Depression is a signal, and treatment for depression is an opportunity to slow down and take stock—to figure out what is going well and what might benefit from change in your life. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills.


Negative body image / Weight Issues

Love and accept your body as it is not, and find it easy to honor you health.  Body dissatisfaction is unhealthy and communicated to us and internalized from a young age.  This harmful cycle can be stopped before disordered thinking becomes an eating disorder.  Unconditionally accept your body with the right tools.  The potential for change on a physical and mental level is unlimited when we come to understand the link between the body and the mind. 


what issues are weighing you down . . .

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I believe that people are motivated toward growth.

I am confident that everyone has strengths to draw from, even when they find themselves in the midst of crisis. My work is compassionate, strength-based and focused on finding solutions to the unique circumstances that bring people to see me. Start growing in the right direction.


About Me

Patricia B. Garza

I have always had an interest in helping people. Through my work as a counselor, registered nurse and educator, I have had the opportunity to see significant improvements in a person’s life and well being.  For over 20 years, I have worked as a registered nurse in many capacities, from intensive care to nurse educator.  I have been a psychotherapist/counselor for 9 years helping clients with chronic disease and chronic pain issues and the emotional healing needed to cope with daily life.